Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Things People Hate

Hey yall! I'm writing to share some great news. At my November 2010 doctor visit, I was placed on meds to regulate my blood pressure. Granted my numbers were only 138/90 (and half the folks I know over age 40 would kill for those digits) but it has been steadily rising over the last three years. After five days of taking meds and dealing with the side effects, I decided to do something different so I could stop taking those drugs. At my February 2011 doctor visit, my blood pressure had dropped to 117/74 -- lower than three years ago.

How did I get my numbers to decrease? Well, before I tell you what I did, let me first tell you what I did not do. I did not get in a prayer line. I did not jump three times and get slain in the spirit. I did not have anointed hands laid on me. I did not have blessed oil dabbed on me. I did not take a victory lap around the sanctuary. I did not say hecomininahonda or tiemybowtie or eatamosquito. I did not rebuke the high blood pressure demon. I did not sing, 'I can have it, just reach up and grab it.' What did I do? I quit eating the stuff that made my blood pressure rise and the next thing I knew, I had myself a miracle! Look at God!

See, what had happened was my friend's church was doing a 21-day fast: the "Daniel" fast. I could eat everything except meat, dairy, processed foods, and white foods (white rice, white bread, white pasta, white sugar, white frosting, white ice cream, etc). In other words, all the stuff I like! Initially it sounded as though there was very little I could eat but my creativity kicked in quickly. I did my fair share of cheating but overall I hung in there. The only reason I participated in the fast was to provide emotional support for my friend who had never fasted. Needless to say, I was more than pleased by the way my innards responded to the dietary change.

Which brings us to my point. People either want change but they don't want to change, or they want everything around them to change while they stay the same. (Did I just say the same thing twice?) Take myself for instance -- I want to lose 50 pounds but I don't want to keep my feet out of Ken's Ice Cream Parlor. I want to get close to the Lord but I'm usually too tired or too busy or too lazy to attend Bible study. I want to do like the Good Book says and bless those that curse me, but when I try to say 'bless you' guess what that ol' devil makes come out my mouth instead? (FYI: People who refuse to change are very good at playing the blame game.)

I wrote this message a week ago but it remained unsent because I couldn't come up with an ending ... until this morning when my fasting buddy called to share her pastor's sermon from Sunday. I made her repeat everything because it provided the perfect closing. Pastor Diego posed questions to his congregation: "Why do you wait until you are threatened before you decide to change? Why is it that you have to be served divorce papers before you decide to change? Why do you have to go to the doctor and let him tell you all the things wrong before you decide to change? Why do you wait until you are pushed up against the wall instead of doing things right from the beginning? ... There will never be resolution until confrontation takes place.... What needs to change in your life? That's what you need to answer."

If you can't say "amen", then just say "ouch." That brings to mind a quote by Pastor Harun Giles at my church: "There are two things people hate: (1) change, and (2) the way things are. Holla if you hear who? ME!

Be All You Can Be!

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  1. From Mamie:
    I loved your piece on Change and it was right on! I made a change and lost 185 lbs. about 5 years ago. I just changed my diet and ate smaller meals more often to keep my blood sugar leveled. It really did work! After a few months, you become used to eating well and eating the right portions of food. I feel and look much better now.

    I am on dialysis 21 hours a week for the second time now and have suffered with high blood pressure, kidney disease and diabetes for the past 46 years and it has not stopped me from pursing my goals. I own my own company and living the blessed life.

    Again, good luck with the Valentine's Day Program and have some fun for me!

    Keep up the great work with your Seminars and programs! You ROCK girl! Keep it REAL!

    Take good care and be well and tell Cheryl to look for me on next year at this Valentine's event.

    Thanks for your encouragement with everyday life!

  2. From A.A.G.:
    You “hit the nail on his a*s*s.

  3. From Jacqui:
    Amen Sista – keep the good news coming; loving it!

  4. From Marilyn:
    OUCH! And that's a big one! Damn !@#$%^#%^& and excuse my French, but I am all that which you described! I suffer from all kinds of ailments, I am fat and out of shape and procratinate on just about everything (which, of course has consequences). Why is it that all the food that I like is bad for me? Why?!! What good is it living a life of depriving myself of the things I enjoy? So I can live a long life being miserable? Or is it a matter of adjusting to a new lifestyle and once I am there I will like it even better than what I have right now?

    You know what? I am going to give that Daniel 21 fast a try and see what happens! Wait, forget 21 days! I'll do it for a whole 3 months! I'll even throw in daily exercise too. I will report back to you after 3 months (March-May), which will be about June 1st.

    Now, you gotta help me! How did you survive without all those things you cut out of your diet? How did you? Other than blood pressure changes, did you feel any better, healthier? Are you back to your old ways now?

  5. From Paula:
    Amen Halleluyer!!!

  6. From Cicely:
    So encouraging & so true! Thank you much for forwarding. I needed this one.

  7. From Faye:
    Wow - that was a really good one. Thanks for sharing wise words, once again. Love you.

  8. From Karen:
    Thanks Yolanda! I needed that! My pressure is up and they want to put me on meds. Diet is not too bad, need to eliminate the meat and do a cleansing. Went through a transition from 2008 - 2010. Stress is the culprit! Actively doing stress reduction through exercise, inactivity, mindless activity, and homeopathic remedies before I do the meds. I so enjoy your newsletter and Felicie's Monday insprational text! Keep on keeping it real! Hope you are having a Happy New Year!

  9. From Corinne: